Teairra Mari Caught In Oral Transaction On Tape

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Teairra Marie was recently caught in a compromising situation when her ex-boyfriend posted this video of her on social media.

As you can see Teairra is performing oral sex on ex boyfriend Akbar Abdul. She is not at all happy about the fact that he exposed her posting this on her Instagram page:

What you guys think about Abdul exposing Teairra Marie and her response?

51 thoughts on “Teairra Mari Caught In Oral Transaction On Tape”

    1. Not at all my nigga ask if she wanted to keep recording… been know him since we was kid a real stand up nigga….frfr…

      1. Him asking if he can keep recording is completely different from asking if he could share the video. If he didn’t get her verbal or written consent to share the video then she has a right to sue him.

      2. Ha! Just because you’ve “known him since he was a kid” doesn’t make him any less of a bitch nigga for this. Him posting THIS shows his trash ass character. Yes he asked her if she wanted him to keep recording, but THAT was a private moment that was supposed to remain between them, & THEM ONLY. Your girl makes a video of you performing cunnilingus, y’all break up some weeks later, & she posts on social media the video of you face down between her thighs… you cool with that?? 🧐 If so, you just might be a trash ass clown ass nigga like this dude.

        1. This beast mode nigga you sound real hoe’ish. Just because you can’t get any video rolling don’t express your anger for another mans doing. Shit if she recorded me and post it, whoopie do. And that is what you call a special moment? She saying “yes daddy” she should of known this has a GOOD possibility will get out. Plus hacked? That nigga had her password I’m sure. Hacked! Ok

      3. Fuck that nigga that’s some bitch ass hoe ass female shit. And you a dumb ass bitch to even say a exposing ass nigga is a stand up guy who tf raised y’all?! Fags

    1. ROFL she can’t but that’s NOT the point! I think he leaked it to show off his package, thinking he gonna get a Safaree break in his music or fame pursuit! Pathetic, both of them!

  1. Actually the guy acted very bad on Tierra Marie because of love she decided to give herself to this guy confidentially.I love Marie

  2. I’m a woman of a certain age and during my sexual era (70’s) there was sex, love and video tapes but not that kind. Ladies please stop exploiting yourselves in the name of love. You’re worth so much more than your body. If you’re asked to “take your clothes off to have a good time.” Just say I think I’ll pass. We no longer have to feel forced to do something that we clearly know WILL come back to haunt us. There’s life after our 20’s so let’s live it with dignity. MsBossRoss58

    1. I agree. With all the sex scandals & tapes “accidentally” being leaked this is enough to scare me out of ever recording me having sex of any kind. Females who are ok with taping themselves has to know they are taking even a .05% of a risk.

  3. All I can say is a man that’s straight or a real going to put a woman he plans on being with on blast I feel like in invasion of privacy even though she was be recorded I just see one of those thirsty dudes and y’all women know most of the ones that got big dicks then had it every way if you can feel me!?

  4. U know what he’s a bitch, and you’re not gonna get no come up from that slim..its dudes like u is the reason why us women don’t want to be in relationships anymore…u know the tables have turned…its some of us that treat y’all the same way…we have our friend conversations about y’all lil don’t know how to @#$% ass men never the less eat coochie right u dry bitch u get a bitch boy awardfor that one!!!!!

  5. So what he asked if he wanted her to keep recording and she said yes!
    That is some bitch ass nigga shit!
    That was THEIR privacy moment, not the world!

  6. 😏Yu Aint never lied pimpn,🤦🏽‍♀️ That dick sick looked horrible😳…. Just throw the whole hoe away🗑🗑😂🤣😂 The lame ass nigga too

  7. I don’t see the shame or embarrassment. The video was consensual. When will people learn to say no don’t record because there’s a possibility that the consequences may not end well. She knows how to handle a mic. Good for her. No thirst.. salute.. hope all goes well for her and him.. what else needs to be said

  8. The nigga is wrong asf for doing that & she grown asf so i know she seen that shit coming & knew she was taking a risk. NOW BOSS TF UP & TAKE the heat. And she really can’t suck dick🙊🤦

  9. What’s the big deal about we all have sex, so I don’t know why she should feel ashamed. Almost all women suck dick and men eat the box. So what can anyone say to shame her. Is it right for him to do that to her no, but People can only shame you for things you are ashamed of. Don’t take pic’s and make videos your ashamed of. She or him could have easily lost their phone and we would have gotten the same result.

  10. Bottom like dude fucked up for that. You post that shit out if anger get back childish shit. You bout to help her come up. Plenty of men won’t her fine ass.

  11. It’s so sad to see such a pretty girl reputation become so demolished and Publicize like this, ladies please take time to choose a man stop being so desperate for someone to love u for all the wrong reason. This is disgraceful so very disgraceful God be with you! keep your head up girl’ cus this is Despicable.


  13. You guys are just seeing the smaller pucture and talking shit about dude. Im sure her ass aint perfect and you guys have know idea what your saying and prolly should just shut up and quit judging otherS.

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