Alexis Skyy’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Could Pass As Her Twin In This Photo

Alexis Skyy‘s daughter Alaiya Grace apparently takes after her mother in the looks department.

The 25-year-old model shared two gorgeous photos of her daughter to Instagram on Monday, July 6. The pics showed baby Alaiya wearing a silk scarf and an adorable onesie while she posed up a storm in front of Skyy’s 4 million followers.

Alexis Skyy
Alaiya Grace, 2 @alexisskyy_/Instagram

“The love of my life 😩❤,” Skyy captioned the post.

Alaiya, 2, also flashed her pearly white teeth to Instagram users, while staring at the camera. Fans claimed the toddler had her mother’s features including her “eyes” and cheekbones.

“Lay lay is so freakn beautiful! Her features are everything,” someone wrote.
“She’s your twin such a cutieeee😩😍.” Another person agreed with the individual and added, “Looking just like mommy.”

One user commented on Skyy’s post, “Alaiya has your eyes and cheekbones. She’s beautiful just like you!” Another fan was so smitten with her smile and remarked, “Lay Lay should have her own headwrap & headband line! She looks so cute! Look how pretty that smile is 🥰 your twin.”

Skyy delivered her daughter seven months early in January 2018.

She claims rapper and ex-boyfriend Fetty Wap is the father of her child, although he suggested otherwise in a January Instagram post that has been deleted.

Because baby Alaiya is a special needs child, Skyy has encountered many online trolls who’ve said cruel things about her daughter. She called them “disgusting” for speaking ill about a child.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy and her daughter Alaiya Grace @alexisskyy_/Instagram

“I don’t really let the Internet get to me,” she told Hollywood Unlocked in May. “At first, it did bother me but I just learned to kind of just block it out because it’s disgusting, she’s a baby. If you’re that evil to talk about a kid or what I went through, you’re just an evil person. So I just learned to just tune that part out.”

Skyy continues to post pictures of her daughter despite the nasty comments she may receive.

On June 28, the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star shared a heartfelt post of herself waking up to her daughter in bed. She wrote in her caption at the time, “Wow I’m so blessed 💕.”

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