Amanda Stanton Fires Back At Body Shamers Saying She Has An Eating Disorder!

Body shamers on social media have been criticizing The Bachelor star Amanda Stanton for being too skinny, and now, she is firing back, making it very clear that she does not have an eating disorder and that they should stop harassing her about it! In fact, the woman claims she is the healthiest that she has ever been!

The bullying started when Amanda posted a pic of her working out, and the trolls started slamming her for her thin frame.

The 28-year-old who was on the show during Ben Higgins’ season stated that at her height of only 5 foot 3, her weight is the healthiest it’s been, and that includes the time she was a part of The Bachelor.

‘Received so many kind messages about my before and after workout post but also some nasty ones. I do not have an eating disorder and am naturally skinny. I have gotten skinnier throughout the years since having kids. That happens sometimes as people age,’ she told her followers on her Instagram Stories.

Amanda also added that ‘Everyone has different body types and everyone is beautiful exactly the way they are. And for anyone who comments that I looked ‘healthier’ and better on The Bachelor, it might have looked that way. But I am 100% healthier now than I was then.’

The reality TV star and mother of two explained that during that time, she was drinking mimosas and wine every single day and she was not going to the gym either!

It makes sense! The woman told everyone that it’s the very last time she will address the haters and that she is healthy and very happy regardless of the numbers the scale shows her.

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