Blake Shelton Is Happy With Gwen Stefani And Has No Time For Miranda Lambert’s Drama

Just because Miranda Lambert is unhappy that does not mean Blake Shelton is going to hide his bliss and love for girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

A few pictures have surfaced showing that Gwen and her beau are madly in love and are eager to celebrate Halloween.

The pair was seen at an event sharing a kiss. Gwen did a stellar job with her Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas costume while Blake opted for a sailor outfit.

A source told Hollywood Life that the country singer and Voice coach has a solid relationship with Gwen because it is built on honesty and mutual respect.

An insider explained: “What makes Gwen and Blake’s relationship so strong is that it’s based entirely on trust, honesty and mutual respect for each other. When Gwen was with Gavin, she felt like she was never really in the know as to what was fully going on in his life, there was always an element of secrecy, and it turns out, for good reason, on his behalf.”

The pal went on to say that Blake is an open book with Gwen and she has access to all his phones and he holds no secret from her.

Gwen Blake KissCredit: Instagram

The family friend shared: “With Blake though, it’s completely different, she even knows what his passwords are that he uses for his phone and computer—not that she’s ever needed, or felt the desire, to go snooping, but that’s what’s so great about their relationship, she completely trusts him. And, it goes both ways, they really are best friends as well as lovers, there’s no secrets between them, and their relationship is so healthy and so nurturing.”

Meanwhile, Miranda is not living a very peachy life, and she blames her ex for that.

A source told Life and Style: “Even though it’s been more than three years now, Miranda and Blake’s divorce feud is still going strong – and no one is safe. Miranda is anything but happily single. She’s been partying to hide her sadness and loneliness. And the split from Evan, who she was considering marrying and starting a family with, is only part of the reason behind her unhappy state.”

The insider went on to say: “Gwen feels that Miranda is a probably a little jealous of Blake’s happiness after their split. Gwen also thinks Miranda’s recent remarks and song only make her sound bitter and resentful… it is not a good look.”

The country music diva is putting many emotions in her music.

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