Bryson Tiller Celebrates Getting His High School Diploma at Age 27

It’s often been said: You’re never too old to finish your education, which Bryson Tiller just showed, even to himself after saying once he’d never go back to school. He also proved you’re never too famous to return to finish the education you started.

The popular singer announced on Instagram Thursday, June 25 that he graduated from Iroquois High School in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, at age 27.

Bryson Tiller announced that he received his high school diploma. (Photo: Johnny Louis/WireImage via Getty Images)

“Class of 2020,” wrote Tiller next to a photo that showed a list of his fellow graduates. “I never thought about going back to school until I started thinking about my goals and how to reach them. getting my High School diploma was step 1. College is 100% next. thank you IHS & @JCPSKY.”

He also shared a video of himself celebrating the accomplishment in a makeshift graduation ceremony that was thrown at a house. “I graduated high school,” yelled the “Let ‘Em Know” singer after climbing on a chair.

Tiller dropped out of Iroquois High School in 2013, two years before he released his debut album “Trapsoul,” which, landed on Billboard 200’s top 10.

In between that time, he held jobs at UPS, then at Papa John’s, and decided to quit his pizza gig after getting a phone call from producer Timbaland.

“It was right after I dropped the song ‘Don’t’ [in October 2014] and it started to go viral a little bit,” Tiller told Rolling Stone in 2016. “That’s when I was like, ‘Alright, I might have something here.’ Actually, I wasn’t even going to quit my job, but Timbaland called me — we have a mutual friend — and he was like, ‘Yo man, you need to work in Miami.’ ”

Tiller added, “Next thing you know, he said, ‘You should quit your job,’ and I quit my job instantly. I flew down to Miami. That was the point when I knew it was going to be a career. That was November 2nd [of 2014], when I flew down to Miami.”

Reportedly, Tiller’s first live show was in 2015 at Fort Valley State University in Fort Valley, Georgia, and he’s had a change of mind about going back to school since then.

“Did you go to college and if not, do you ever want to attend a university?” he was asked that year in an interview published on Wattpad.

“I actually dropped out of high school,” he replied. “I was making music every day.”

“Would you ever go back?” the singer was asked.

“Nah,” he answered. “I hate sitting on the computer and like typing.”

It appears that Tiller has gotten over that dislike, and now he’s a proud high-school graduate.

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