Camille Grammer Finally Settles Custody Dispute With Ex-Husband Kelsey Grammer

,Camille Grammer Meyer Finally Settles Custody Dispute With Ex-Husband Kelsey Grammer

When former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Camille Grammer Meyer came onto the reality television scene, she was married to Kelsey Grammer. The couple shares two children and a long history of a belligerent legal battle. It actually became difficult to watch Season 1 as Camille discovered the extent of Kelsey’s not affair with another woman. In July 2010, she filed for divorce. Camille sought primary physical custody of their children, along with child support and alimony. She suffered in the wake of public humiliation as well as losing her husband to another woman. To make matters worse, it appeared Kelsey was taking a cowardly route by only communicating with Camille via their attorneys.

It was a very long road for Camille, though her wallet seemed to come out on top in the divorce. By Season 2 of RHOBH, Camille’s past prickly persona seemed to mellow as she began her new life as a single mother. Throughout being treated for cancer, and a violent domestic dispute, the two never spoke. More recently, after the loss of Camille’s home in the Woolsey Fires, Camille shared Kelsey did not reach out. With both parties being guilty of defamation over the years, some new developments have emerged. Camille’s stormy relationship with her ex might finally see a break in the clouds.

While Camille has been dealing with chemo, burning homes, Kyle Richards, and new husband David C. Meyer, a custody dispute that began nine years ago continues. Kelsey and Camille’s son, Jude, is now old enough to begin college prep. Just kill me now, I am apparently 80 years old. Jude will be attending a rather expensive institution of higher learning at a boarding school on the East Coast. The cost of this school has shown up in Kelsey and Camille’s ongoing legalities.

The Blast has reported that Camille and her erstwhile love might be able to take a more adult approach going forward. Legal documents filed by the former couple show they have reached an agreement on their son’s tuition fees.

Kelsey and Camille have decided to split it up. This is no cheap facility. Camille’s half of the tuition is around $32,000. Frasier Kelsey will pay for books, the cost of counseling, uniforms, and other school expenses.

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Regarding the custody and visitation, Camille and Kelsey agreed to meet and discuss the logistics of co-parenting and sharing the kids for holidays and vacations. That will be weird. What’s the opening line in that scenario? Camille, “Oh hey, I know you totes ghosted me but I got millions of dollars out of it and I’m remarried, so it’s cool now.” Or for Kelsey, “What’s up, want an autograph?”

In the big picture, it would be great if Camille and Kelsey could move ahead with a more positive ability to communicate. Camille remains one of the most provocative Housewives the franchise has had. So, it’s nice to see her have a moment of semi-closure on this issue.

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While her former co-stars are heading to court to cover their asses protect their assets, at least Camille’s legal battle is going in a more positive direction. It might be safe to assume after this encouraging development, the days of hearing about Kelsey’s ALLEGED penis size are behind us.


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