Cardi B Reveals What She & Nicki Talked About At Met Gala

Cardi B and Nikki Minaj recently set the Internet a-blaze when they ran into each other at the Met Gala. We could clearly see them having small talk after months of alleged beef between the two.

Recently Nikki did an interview on the radio where she cried and claimed that Cardi really hurt her feelings in regards to their album together “motorsport”. Nikki claimed that she was asked to change her verse by Migos Rapper “Quavo”, and claims that Cardi B was starting rumors that she changed her verse after she heard what Cardi had to say on the album. The two running into each other at Met Gala would the first time they saw each other since Nikki’s interview.

Cardi B recently spoke with Howard Stern and revealed what she and Nikki talked about when they ran into each other. She says they hash their issues out right then and there and things just needed to be talked out. Thank God they ended up ok!

To hear more details about this story please click the video above. Feel Free to comment about this matter down below.

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