Check Out The Video Of Michael B Jordan Brutally Taking Down Roseanne Barr

After Roseanne Barr tweeted that fateful message for the world to see and subsequently caused her outcast status in Hollywood, Roseanne hasn’t said a whole lot. However, many people in the scene haven’t held back their opinions regarding the controversial TV actress.

And one of those celebrities is Michael B Jordan, the Black Panther star. Following the canceling of her show, many celebrities have spoken out against her, accusing her of racism and wildly insensitive tweeting.

To most, the canceling of her successful series, Roseanne, was well-deserved, and the CEO of ABC, Channing Dungey, received a lot of praise for her swift decision to give it the ax.

Michael B Jordan, during his acceptance speech at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, said that the disgraced comic and actress was more deserving of the honor award to him, the Best Villian Award. Jordan accepted the award for Best Villian, as a result of his work in the wildly successful Black Panther film.

Check out the YouTube video below:

In the clip, Michael said he was shocked to receive the award for Best Villian because he thought that “Roseanne had that in the bag.”

As you may know, Michael’s role as Erik Killmonger was widely praised, and Black Panther broke records as a billion dollar film with an all-black cast. There isn’t much for him to ask these days, considering his meteoric rise to the top.

However, the Creed star did ask for his fans to do one thing. Stop asking for Chadwick Boseman to say, “Wakanda Forever,” because it’s starting to get annoying. Chadwick Boseman’s main character in the film delivered that iconic line.

And while he or may not be sick of it, some fans on social media pointed out the fact that, perhaps, he should be grateful to have fans who are even asking him to do anything at all. Clearly, they appreciate his work as an actor, otherwise, they wouldn’t ask for him to do anything.

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