‘Come a Little Harder’: Rasheeda Frost Fans Urge Her to ‘Loosen Up’ After She Shows Off Moves to ‘Marry Me’ Song

Rasheeda Frost was called on the carpet for dancing awkwardly in a video she uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday, Jul 1.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star’s hit single “Marry Me” recently went viral on TikTok with many people using her song in their videos. Frost decided to join in on the trend and show off her dance moves.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost shows off her dance moves. @rasheeda/Instagram

“Hump day fun 😂😂 #putitonhimmakehimwannamarryme #makehimwannamarryme,” the mother of two captioned her post.

Wearing a low-cut tank top, denim shorts and yellow pumps, Frost slightly swayed her hips from side to side as she lip-synched the lyrics to “Marry Me.”

Instagram users were unimpressed with Frost’s moves and expressed their opines in the comment section.

“Rasheeda we want you to come a little harder 😂 this your song girl! 💕” a fan quipped. Another person agreed and commented, “cuz with those stiff moves ain’t it 😩.”

One person added, “My thoughts exactly… gurl u better bring it 🙌🏼.. low key maybe she can’t dance who knows,” while someone else remarked, “She be acting like she scared to dance. Girl cut lose! Loosen up some!”

Another person said, “At least she can rap lol.”

Frost launched her music career in her teens after being a part of hip-hop girl group Da Kaperz.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost.@rasheeda/Instagram

She released her hit singles “My Bubble Gum” in 2009 and “Marry Me” in 2012. Four years later, she decided to take a step back from rapping and dive into the fashion industry, opening two Pressed boutiques.

Frost told Forbes in 2018 that the transition from rapper to business owner was difficult. She said it was her “ambition” that helped her push through the hardships.

“I was always an outlier in my music career. I was an independent artist on my own label and I was a woman trying to gain respect in a male-dominated industry. It was tough and it took a toll on me,” said Frost. “I doubted myself and felt like I had to work so much harder than anyone else. My ambition and self-respect kept me going. Now that I am a business owner, I have doubted if I could keep going and be successful with the many things I am working on. But you only get one shot at life. I need to go after the things I want so that when I get older, I can relax, travel, and take care of my children.”

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