Dave Chappelle Doesn’t Even Know What The Academy Awards Do

As it was previously reported, The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are opening up their nomination choices by adding a new category to the Oscars: a “popular film” award.

The organization announced the change on Wednesday and also revealed they were pushing some dates around. And for the most part, the reaction to the new category has been one of either, indifference, or ridicule.

One man who wasn’t happy with the new segment was Rob Lowe, who said it was probably the death of the film industry. However, it was hard to tell if he was joking or not.

Thus far, most believe that the inclusion of the new category is a way of acknowledging the most popular films of the year, rather than productions that are merely the “best” artistically.

Thankfully, we have people like Dave Chappelle to clarify the situation and make a joke out of it at the same time. When Dave walked the red carpet for the BlacKkKlansman premiere, the comedian shared his opinion on the Academy and their role, or lack thereof.

According to Chappelle, he has no “f*cking idea what the Academy does,” and he just found out he got invited to the organization when he was reading the newspaper.

The comedian joked, “I don’t know if I’m supposed to, like, send something, like, ‘Ok, I accept.’” In a moment of honesty, the comic argued that those who aren’t venerated by prestigious awards ceremony should recognize if their work is quality; they don’t need an organization to label it as such.

Chappelle said if the audience likes it, they like it, and if it resonates with people, then it resonates with them. It’s as simple as that; “we’re all winners,” the comic remarked. There’s no question that Dave has been winning lately, his latest specials with Netflix were of the highest quality, according to his fans.

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