‘Delete This’: Ja Rule Gets Clowned for Not Knowing Meaning of N-Word

It seems that whether people are famous or not, they’re pretty much one tweet or Instagram post away from being decimated online, which Ja Rule learned this week.

Because on Wednesday, the “Clap Back” rapper said he had no idea what the N-word actually meant and needed a quick history lesson.

Ja Rule got severely clowned after he admitted to not knowing the meaning of the N-word. (Photo:
Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“Wow I just learned something that blew my mind my whole life I was taught the word n—-r didn’t mean black it meant ignorance,” Rule tweeted. “But I just looked it up and it’s always meant black smh tell the kids the truth.”

“I’m so confused I need my history majors on this,” he added. “If the word n—-r just means black how did it become a derogatory term???”

The Internet seemed collectively puzzled that Rule didn’t know the meaning of the word, which was established as a derogatory term for black people in the early 1800s.

And there were also people who told him to stop using the Internet altogether, just to spare himself from further embarrassment.

“It don’t mean black bro .. delete this! On Queens someone wrote,” bringing up Rule’s home borough.

“You should consult your kids before tweeting,” another person commented.

“If you just close your mouth your foot wouldn’t fit in there,” a third Twitter user wrote.

And one person brought up the Fyre Festival, the failed music event that Rule helped organize with the now jailed fraudster Billy McFarland.

“And this is why your career flopped, Jeffrey, and you’re holding scam themed ~festivals~ to pay your bills,” that person wrote using Rule’s real name.

Plus, the Murder Inc. artist was slammed earlier this week after he sent a tweet about Popeyes’ chicken sandwiches, which has become quite the hit around the U.S.

There was a report that said a Maryland man was fatally stabbed on Monday after fighting over one of the sandwiches. But it’s something his family denied.

“Y’all really out here acting like n—-s over a f–ing chicken sandwich… smh… now I’m never gonna eat one on principles alone!!!” tweeted Rule on Tuesday. “F—ing idiots y’all are what’s wrong with our people… I’m so disappointed in my ppl we better than this…”

And just like that one person did after Rule sent the N-word tweet, someone mentioned the Fyre Festival since people were promised lavish meals and were given bread and lettuce.

“You should not be bringing up sandwiches Fyre Fraud Festival King,” that person tweeted on Tuesday.

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