‘Great Word As Usual’: Tabitha Brown Reminds Fans to ‘Stop Trying to Force People to See Through Your Prescription’

Tabitha Brown came through with a word for her followers and fans thanked her for helping them see life more clearly.

The vegan social media influencer is always full of positive energy and uplifting words, and a new video by her, posted on Wednesday, July 8, didn’t disappoint. The 41-year-old actress reminded viewers, through a comparing to receiving your own prescription for glasses, that sometimes in life your journey is meant for only you to understand.

Proud vegan and social media influencer Tabitha Brown/Photo Credit: @iamtabithabrown/Instagram

“You know how you have folks that wear glasses, right? They go to the doctor. They get a prescription for their glasses. Honey some folks’ is thick, [some] is thin, but whatever the case, it’s a prescription particular to that person, right, or particular to you,” she says in her video.

“And you have those glasses on. And you try to give them to somebody else, right … and they look through them like ‘Ooo, I can’t see through that!’ Because that’s your prescription, not theirs,” she continued. “It was prescribed especially for you, right? Therefore they can’t see it. They can’t see through it. It’s just like the vision that God gave to you. You get upset because other folk can’t see it. Well, he didn’t give it to them; baby, he gave it to you, right.”

The analogy hit home for fans, with some also leaving comments thanking Brown for her plant-based wisdom.

“Can I adopt you as my aunt that I rarely see but I love so much,” asked a fan.

“How are you this soothing and calming?! Thank you for this message. Very timely ✊🏾🙏🏾😊,” another wrote.

“Whewwww Tabb!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 This is a word,” acknowledged a third.

“I needed to hear this! I love your words of wisdom! Your smile lights up a room! Thank you! ❤,” a fourth said.

Tabitha Brown reminds her fans that what is meant for them isn’t meant to be understood by all./Photo Credit: @iamtabithabrown/Instagram

Brown’s vegan recipes and motivational commentary took TikTok by storm this year, and her continuous growth in fans and followers recently landed her a show, titled “All Love,” on the Ellen Digital Network owned by Ellen Degeneres.

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