‘I Don’t Know Her’: Royce Reed Shades Evelyn Lozada

Royce Reed, a former reality star on “Basketball Wives,” threw shade at her former castmate Evelyn Lozada. On Wednesday, August 5, Royce took to social media, where she responded to fan questions in an Instagram Story. One person asked: “If Evelyn reached out to you to talk and apologize, would you be open to the conversation?” Royce responded with a Mariah Carey gif, that read “I don’t know her.”

Folks who watch “BBW” know that Evelyn and the former Miami Heat and Orlando Magic dancer never got along. Their beef derived at the beginning of the first season when Royce missed Evelyn’s birthday dinner and never explained why she was not there. At the time, the New York native had a bash after her dinner and Royce showed up to the festivities. During the party, the Orlando native surprised Evelyn with a sexy dance performance.

Royce Reed shades Evelyn Lozada. (Photo: @roycereed/Instagram)

The mother of two mentioned in her confessional that Royce “kind of looked like a little girl” and explained that she “was thrusting her vagina everywhere.” Needless to say, Evelyn hated the dance and then proceeded to insinuate that Royce’s performance wasn’t a good reason for her to miss Evelyn’s dinner. The two clashed throughout Royce’s four seasons on the show because of their fierce personalities, causing them to get physical at times.

Rumors sparked that Royce was fired from the series following the season-five premiere because she could not get along with the cast. Evelyn seemingly confirmed the gossip in a 2013 interview with Upscale. When asked about Royce not being asked to return to the show, Evelyn said: “Royce has been a non-motherf—ing factor for the last two seasons, so it just didn’t make sense anymore.”

Royce Reed (L) and Evelyn Lozada (R) (Photos: @roycereed/Instagram, @evelynlozada/Instagram)

Royce clapped back at Evelyn’s comments in a VH1 blog entry, where she explained that she was not let go from the show. “I was not fired from ‘BBW,’ she said. “I tried to leave season three and season four but was negotiated into staying. For season five, I refused to take part in the ignorance and drama on purpose so it was a mutual decision,” she added. “When someone tells you things aren’t going to change regardless of the backlash, you have to step back and think about what’s more important… your dignity or a supplemental paycheck. I chose my dignity and I’ve never been happier.” 

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