Janet Jackson Wows Her Audience With Epic And Sexy Dance Moves And More – Check Out Some Highlights At The NYC Festival

The beloved performer was in attendance at the Essence Festival last night, and she took the stage, wowing everyone in attendance. Janet Jackson is an iconic singer well known for her epic performances so the audience was very excited to see her in action and it is safe to say that they were not disappointed.

The whole thing was truly special, and Janet’s hits made the concert an experience to remember.

But are we even surprised? Janet Jackson is one of the so-called queens of pop for a reason.

Aside from her iconic songs, the star also performed some amazing B-side tracks.

Janet exuded youth and was very energetic, something that was transmitted to the audience.

She had prepared some impressive dance moves that entertained every single one of the people in attendance.

But the concertgoers were touched by more serious topics that she was not afraid to address as well.

As she showed up on stage, an audio talking about domestic terrorism, white supremacy and other racial issues played, and everyone was mesmerized and inspired to make the world a better place if only for one night of peacefully enjoying something beautiful like music.

As for her fashion, Janet wore a beautiful black and silver ensemble that really flattered her body.

The singer just had to also pay tribute to her father, Joe who passed away last month.

As she was singing Together Again, pics of the patriarch and Janet as a kid could be seen on the big screen behind her.

The heartbreaking song’s lyrics talked about how they will reunite someday.

She couldn’t forget about her legendary brother, Michael Jackson either.

Footage from their joint music video, Scream also showed on screen, and after she finished performing the song, she emotionally looked up at the sky and said: ‘I miss you – both of you.’ Where are the tissues?

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