Kirk Franklin Spotted Hanging Out With Kim Kardashian – What’s Going On?

Kim Kardashian recently shared on her Instagram Stories that she’s been chilling with the gospel singer, Kirk Franklin. in the last week, Kim showed off designer underwear created by her husband, and also talked smack about her sister’s ex-boyfriend, in addition to hanging out with the gospel performer.

As you may know, Younes and Kourtney recently broke it off for good after two years of dating. Sources close to Scott said he was secretly a little happy that it finally ended, but in his interview with People magazine, the reality star said he was doing “amazing” these days.”

Regardless, Kim has been busy doing her thing, and in one of her video’s, she said to the camera, “just my mornings with Kirk.” The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said, “it’s how my mornings start off.”

The gospel singer stated, “tell them how powerful women are,” and the reality star stated, “facts.” You can check out part of their exchange below:

Thus far, Kardashian-Jenner fans aren’t sure how they started hanging out, but some of her fans were pleased to see her with a talent like Kirk Franklin.

In case you haven’t heard of Mr. Franklin, Variety once called him the Reigning King of Urban Gospel, and he has won a whopping twelve Grammy Awards, among others. Others have held Kirk responsible for bringing gospel music to the mainstream culture.

Interestingly, the star has had some strange experiences, including a battle with pornography addiction, something which he talked about during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005.

Kirk and his wife, Tammy, had been married for nine years in 2005. According to the star, ever since he was an eight-year-old boy, he had a pornography addiction.

He first discovered porn due to one of his friends who had an older brother in possession of mountains of pornography. After years of trying, he was able to kick it for good.

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