‘Let Him Go’: ‘LHHNY’ Fans Slam Tahiry for Still Being ‘Thirsty’ Over Joe Budden After Confrontation with Cyn Santana

It looks like Tahiry Jose and Cyn Santana are the latest “Love and Hip Hop: New York” costars to feud with each other.

The two ladies are the exes of rapper Joe Budden and he seems to be at the core of their issue with each other. Earlier during the season, Santana’s ex-girlfriend, Erica Mena, tried to play matchmaker between Budden and Jose just weeks after the retired rapper and Santana called it quits.

Tahiry Jose
(L) Tahiry Jose and (R) Cyn Santana VH1 screengrabs

After Santana became aware of Jose and Budden supposedly reconciling their relationship, she blamed Jose for apparently acting “thirsty” over Budden. When the two ladies encountered each other at Mena’s baby shower, Santana felt Jose was acting rude toward her. Jose, however, felt Santana had an issue with her because of her friendship with Budden. Before they got a chance to talk, Jose quickly exited stage left.

On the Feb. 17 episode, Jose and Santana came face to face again to apparently clear the air after Mena set up a meeting between the two. Santana immediately confronted Jose about acting hostile toward her.

“You sit here and you talk to me, Joe’s ex-fiancee, the mother of his baby boy, it’s messy and it don’t make me feel like you’re coming from a place that just wants to be cool. It makes it seem like you got some fire in you,” Santana said to Jose.

The model responded, “A fire? I’m sure he’s trying to protect your feelings because I don’t think he’s 100% honest with you about certain things. This not me being spicy, this is about me being real.”

Jose added in her confessional, “Is joe being hundred percent honest with Cyn about the level of communications we’ve had throughout the years and recently, he might not be.”

Several “LHHNY” viewers felt Jose was trying to sneakily imply to Santana that she and Budden may have spoken about reconciling.

“Tahiry doing to much with the subs if you and Joe have nothing going on say that wtf is a ‘vibe’ if you messing around say it but you not so you playing the only cards you have for a story line which is wack 🙄 .

“Im so@over Tahiry , let them live girl. Remember you didn’t want no@parts of joe so let it be . She does theee most”

So Tahiry what is it. Cuz u claiming u don’t want Joe but throwing shots at Cyn like you his side bitch… y’all been communicating obviously so stand on that s–t 🙄 be real sis”

“Tahiry sounds jealous joe has changed his life around and is not on the drugs anymore and moved on to have a baby with another woman which she always wanted … she needs to stop flirting with him and move on with her life find a man and let him go”

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