Maturity? 50 Cent Buries the Hatchet with Wendy Williams After She Says Kind Words About Him, Fans Applaud His Efforts

People are encouraging 50 Cent to quash his ongoing beef with Wendy Williams after the rapper said he’d let her into one of his parties.

Williams stopped by Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Sunday and was asked to say something nice about the G-Unit honcho.

Wendy Williams (R) said kind words about 50 Cent (L), and people want the rapper to end their beef. (Photo:
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images / Paul Bruinooge / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

“He’s not a bad looking man,” said Williams. “I respect his hustle, and I was one of the first people to ever play his music. As a matter of fact, [I] was probably the first on a cassette on the radio, where I got suspended for two weeks without pay because I used to be a renegade like that. If I liked it, I’d take it right off the block.”

The interview came about three weeks after Williams seemed to have trouble getting into 50’s Tycoon pool party, which the rapper mentioned in an August 18 Instagram post.

But after seeing Williams’ interview, which he posted to his Instagram page on Monday, Fif said the talk show host would be allowed into a future shindig of his, but she’d have to be invited first.

“🤔what is this, ok we gonna let you in TYCOON next time 😆but you can’t just be coming to my party’s wit no invite🤨,” he wrote.

The push for 50 to call a truce with Williams came afterward.

“I wanna see y’all squash the beef lowkey. Lol,” someone wrote.

“She look up to 50, give her a lil love,” another person requested.

” Help your girl out 50 she been riding for you since the jump LOL,” someone else tweeted.

Williams and 50 have been beefing since 2018. It happened when the rapper commented on a photo of Remy Ma and got into a back-and-forth with her husband Papoose.

Afterward, Williams implied that 50 is gay, which he responded to, and their exchanges continued from there.

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