Milwaukee Bus Driver Rescues Lost Baby Girl from Freeway Overpass: She ‘Was So Scared and Cried’

Harrowing video footage shows a Milwaukee bus driver rescuing a baby girl she spotted wandering on a freeway overpass last month.

Milwaukee County bus driver Irena Ivic told WLS that she spotted the little girl, who is less than 1-year-old, running along the side of the overpass in only a onesie and a diaper just before 8 a.m. on Dec. 22.

“Oh my God, I was so upset and I couldn’t believe that somebody can, left the child on the street,” Ivic said, according to WLS. “Baby was so scared and cried, and she didn’t know what to do, where to go.”

Video footage of the incident showed a concerned Ivic stopping the bus and going to pick up the little girl. When she returned to the bus, Ivic told the passengers “I’m shaking” as she held the little girl.

One passenger took off her jacket to keep the baby warm. The girl fell asleep in Ivic’s arms.

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Authorities responded and found that the girl was unharmed, according to WISN. Police said the baby’s mother had left her outside while suffering from a mental health issue.

The baby was reunited with her father and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele praised Ivic during a commendation ceremony, WISN reported.

“That’s the sort of human impulse we should be celebrating and encouraging,” Abele said.

The baby’s father, Hasan Ali Abdul Kasim, said he believes his wife, who he said has a mental illness, meant to take the baby to church, according to WITI. He said she likely took the child just across the freeway and forgot about her.

No charges have been filed as a result of the incident, WITI reported.

As for Ivic, who moved from Serbia to Milwaukee 12 years ago, she said she was just doing what was right.

“I have my children too and if I find myself in the same situation again, I will, of course, help again. Always,” she said, according to WISN.

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