‘My Goodness’: Bernice Burgos’ ‘Natural Vibes’ Killed When Fans Zero In on Her Body Instead

Bernice Burgos rose to her current level of fame as T.I.’s former mistress, and now she’s getting some attention for something all by herself — although it’s not what she intended.

On Instagram Tuesday, the model posted a video showing off her fresh haircut and natural hair.

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bernice burgos
Bernice Burgos. (Photo: @realberniceburgos/Instagram)

“Natural Hair Vibes 😍 @dontethehairstylist Pj’s Coming SOON!” Burgos captioned the Nov. 5 post.

The star went on to shake her hair around in her video but she paused to turn around to ask the man behind the camera, “Hello? You gonna say anything?”

She then asks, “You like my real hair?”

“It looks nice. Did you cut it?” the man says.

“I sure did!” Burgos replies.

“Natural vibes. Silk. Let it flow,” says the man.

“It’s gonna grow back,” she says before walking over to the camera, bending over and tucking her hair behind her ear.

But while Burgos was hoping to put some attention on her shoulder-length tresses, all of the attention from fans turned toward her figure. Her hourglass shape was made prominent by her unbuttoned, purple camouflage printed pajama jumpsuit that hugged her curves.

“It’s no way you this fine.”

“My goodness👀”

“Love love your fine so so”

“Fresh 🍷 all you need is sipping no rush”

“🤤Like that? Because you’re Beautiful Bae❤️🔥 Love u”

Burgos’ physique is winning praise now, but that wasn’t the case nearly a year ago.

Back in December 2018, the model posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a cropped hoodie and black leggings with the caption, “The gym got my ass looking right .. sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Yet the star was called out for crediting her curvaceous booty to working out rather than saying she obtained the enhancements through cosmetic surgery.

“Girl, stop it… you cute and all but we all know you paid for them peaches! 🍑.”

“Smh lying for what😂🤦🏽‍♀️ u know damn well you had surgery be proud of it. Don’t lie about it ain’t nobody dumb 😭.”

The Gym??? LMFAO. GURL BYE… go get some more injections. That ain’t cuz of squats.”

It’s not as if Burgos has pretended that her derrière is something she sculpted solely by working up a sweat, however. She told “The Breakfast Club” in 2017 that she had gone under the knife for butt injections.

“I have done a little bit of everything… I did my butt first,” she explained. “That was the first thing I did after I had my second daughter. I had these two dents [on my butt], and I just wanted to fill them up.”

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