NeNe Leakes Claps Back At Fan Who Accuses Her Of Looking ‘Fake’ Due To Plastic Surgery

Just recently, NeNe Leakes shared a pic on her Instagram account in which she was rocking an outfit from her Swagg Boutique. She was flaunting a massive cleavage, and she showed her followers quite a lot of skin.

Unfortunately, haters were not shy, and they started accusing her of having too much plastic surgery.

But if you look closer and truly study the enigma, NeNe’s Instagram stories show the fact that she’s looking the same as ever which means that she’s probably using various filters for her pics.

So, the RHOA star did probably not have a massive amount of plastic surgeries like some followers claim.

The Shade Room made sure to get a particular person’s comment and NeNe’s response as well. You can see the exchange of lines between the two below:

#ClapbackSeason: Now ya’ll know #NeneLeakes is not the one to play with

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‘#ClapbackSeason: Now ya’ll know #NeneLeakes is not the one to play with’ – this is how TSR captioned their own post.

NeNe’s fans have defended her even on TSR’s Instagram page.

‘What confuses me is how people truly believe they have the right to tell people how they should look, and these people are adults, what a person does to their body is no one’s business but theirs. If someone is happy and comfortable, who are you to tell them you don’t like what they look like. Let people be happy,’ someone said.

Another follower posted that ‘I don’t understand why people always feel it’s their place to comment on what someone wants to do to themselves. Like damn didn’t know you were being affected by the decisions they decided to make for their body. 😂

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