Nene Leakes’ Friend And ‘RHOA’ Star Peter Thomas Gets Slammed For Telling Dark-Skinned Women To Stop Wearing Blonde Wigs In Viral Video

After Meek Mill, Peter Thomas is the latest male celebrity who has decided to tell black women to stop wearing wigs, and Nene Leakes was dragged in the madness.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media where he posted a video lecturing dark-skinned women about blonde hair because it does not look good on them.

Peter was dragged by people on the Internet, and a few went after him for not calling out Nene who is often wearing a blonde wig.

And he decided to defend his friend by saying that she looks great with her honey hair color, but darker women should not do the same.

Here are a few people who decided back the claims made by the reality star.

One supporter replied: “Gyal dem get sensitive.. lol the hair due is not fi you. Listen to the black Kings that are giving the advice and don’t get so defensive. Who are you doing it for? After yourself then for who? The black Kings right…. or for the white man? Only in the bizarro world black America does another black person get heavy backlash for telling women that they are most beautiful the way God originally made them. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Another commenter said: “I’ve never had blonde hair, but one guy told me to laugh out loud that when Dark skin women were blonde hair, we look like black and miles with the plastic tip I died laughing 🤣but was upset as well. I hundred percent agree not every color is for everybody stop acting like y’all don’t understand that.”

This person laughed and added: “Some of y’all been wearing “protective styles” your entire lives 😂😂 the sharade gotta end at some point and just admit you don’t like the natural texture of your hair.”

A fourth follower chose to defend black people who opt to wear blonde hair by saying: “Black PEOPLE can be born with blonde hair. Black People can be born with blue eyes. Black people can be born with red hair and freckles. Just say it’s not your preference and leave it alone. Perhaps he needs to meet some of the people of the Solomon Islands. Who are of brown and dark skin with blonde hair. White folks are not the only ones. Read a book and or travel it cures ignorance.”

What are your thoughts on this unexpected debate? Do you think other celebrities will join in the heated conversation?

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