R Kelly Says Jocelyn Savage’s Parents Are Just Mad…

After plenty of speculation, accusations and new people coming forward to accuse R. Kelly of being a sexual predator, R. Kelly is now decided to speak out. As everyone knows the sex cult rumor started with Joycelyn Savage’s parents, R. Kelly also noted this.

R. Kelly is now saying Joycelyn Savage’s parents, Timothy and Josjelyn Lynn Savage are just mad at him because he didn’t bite to their business ideas. He said Timothy was trying to get in contact with him in order to start a musical career for him and some members of his family. However, R. Kelly did not entertain his idea or musical talents which R. Kelly says caused him to start creating rumors. When it comes to Jocelyn Savage’s mother Kelly says she wanted him to feature some of her clothing from her new clothing line on his backup dancers at one of his concerts, but are Kelly decided against it which made her very upset. For this reason Kelly says they began a public campaign to taint his legacy and get in his pockets.

Jocelyn Savage’s parents say that she has been brainwashed by R. Kelly and groomed to be one of his women in his occult. They believe she may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

what do you guy’s think about R. Kelly’s accusations against Joycelyn Savage’s parents? Do you think his statements may have some truth behind them?

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