Ray J Talks Relating to Pressure of Settling Down as He Prepares for New Movie

Ray J is a staple of reality TV today, but he’s set to make his return to acting as a main character in a movie next month with TV One’s ‘Dear Santa, I Need a Date.’

The flick will see the actor star as Jason Vaughn opposite Reagan Gomez-Preston, who plays Jason’s sister Janelle Vaughn. The siblings are career-driven professionals, but their love lives are severely lacking. As Christmas approaches, their parents, Mr. Vaughn and Mrs. Vaughn, portrayed by Jay Devon Johnson and Annie-Marie Johnson, are concerned that significant others won’t be present at dinner.

The result is a bet the Vaughn siblings place to see who can score a date before the Christmas dinner table is set. And while the pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to bring home for the holidays is something many can relate to, it’s obvious Ray J and his famous singer sis Brandy won’t be making any bets on that this Christmas.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star is now a married man, but for a long while, he was a single guy playing the field. The rapper/singer/actor reportedly had a long-time off-and-on relationship with singer Teairra Marí and was at one time rumored to be dating the late Whitney Houston years after his romance with Kim Kardashian. Yet after tying the knot with his “LHHH” co-star Princess Love and welcoming a daughter with her and with a son on the way, he appears to have settled down.

“When you reach that destination that you’re looking for, then it’s really just about locking into your own circle,” he says, admitting he’s struggled with love in the past. “My mom was happy. She never really pressured me. I’m sure as I get older, she’s ready for me to see it differently. She’s definitely happy that is all turned out like this. Rewinding time till now, you just could never write it like this. So, God is good.”

ray j
Ray J at the “Dear Santa, I Need a Date” set visit on Sept. 12, 2019, in Atlanta. (Photo: Prince Williams/Wireimage)

As for his plans on Christmas Day, Ray J shared it’s all about “whatever Melody wants.”

“You gotta make sure the kids are happy,” he added of his 1-year-old daughter and his soon-to-be-born son. “It’s Melody’s Christmas. It’ll be a double Christmas next Christmas, so let her get her last one out.”

“Dear Santa, I Need a Date” airs Sunday, Dec. 8, at 7 p.m. ET on TV One.

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