Reginae Carter Shows Off Sexy Camouflage Outfit In New Photo While Quoting Lil Wayne Lyrics

Reginae Carter used these words, “If you don’t see me on the block I ain’t trying to hide. I blend in wit the hood, I’m camouflage,” on social media to make a point and fans love her a bit more than before. The reason?

Toya Wright’s daughter decided to use lyrics from Lil Wayne to show off her sexy outfit.

The 19-year-old reality star quoted the rhymes her famous rapper of a father spit on Beyonce and Destiny’s Child’s monster hit song, “Soldier,” that also featured another well known MC from Atlanta — T.I.

Reginae was about six years old when “Soldier” was killing the charts and airwaves.

Fans loved the camouflage outfit and appreciate that YFN Lucci’s girlfriend is still repping for her talented father.

Supporters are delighted to play complete the lyrics to the song.

One said: “Bandana tied, mommy, join my troop every time she sees my name she salutes. Your Dad Is The Best Rapper EVER! I love you because I’ve watched you grow into this beautiful young lady it warms my heart.yass! I love when you quote old Wayne! isssafave, sis.”

This Glow ain’t for everybody ✨

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Another commenter stated: “Now every time she hears my name she salutes! I love you ass a grown woman but I respect your dad even, and your mom is so so awesome, be a happy girl. Your Dad Is The Best Rapper EVER! Girl, you got bitches bothered at the post office fighting about to talk about living your best life.”

Bae took deseeeee❤❤ Set from @fashionnova

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A third follower shared: “Looking so Beautiful Like your Mother .salute girl.. omg you have no idea how many times I have died laughing at ppl saying “whoooop” with all of their energyI’m trying to figure out why people follow you to hate on you? I think it’s very dumb to follow someone to see what they’re doing, then respond with something negative! And then most of the females that respond negatively are probably old enough to be your mama!! Smh keep smiling baby girl! Don’t let anyone dull your light!”

Along with being a phenomenal rapper, Reginae and Toya have confirmed that Weezy is a great dad who makes time for all his children no matter how busy he might be.

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