Report: 2 Real Housewives Of New York Want Jill Zarin Back; “Campaigning” For Andy Cohen To Forgive Her

Report: Two RHONY Stars Want Jill Zarin Back; “Campaigning” For Andy Cohen To Forgive Former Housewife

Real Housewives of New York‘s original cast members have come and gone. Some have just recently left… Then there are those who never really go away. Jill Zarin helped launch RHONY, along with Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer, and Luann de Lesseps. While Beth, Ramona, and the Countess have all stayed relatively close to the fold, Jill was fired left the series in 2011. After an explosive relationship with Bethenny that resulted in the end of their friendship, it also resulted in the end of Jill.

Jill didn’t let go easily. It’s never been a secret Jill wanted back in, but she basically blew it. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in 2012, Jill decided to “secretly tape” her interview with Andy Cohen. Let’s just say Big Daddy wasn’t tickled with the stunt queen move. That little slip up effectively booked Jill a trip to Bravo Siberia. But times have changed! Now that Bethenny has left the building, does this mean a door is open for Jill? Will viewers receive an encore performance of Jill’s panther-like moves on the tennis court? Maybe so, if Andy is in a forgiving mood.

Every few months, we are inundated with the “Jill might be coming back” rumors. So far they have been just that, rumors. Still, Jill has enjoyed brief appearances as a friend since she was forced out left RHONY. Now that Bethenny is gone, you know Jill is begging to jump in and fill that gap. But do fans want Jill back? Does anyone on the current cast want Jill back? According to Jill the rumor mill, that answer is yes.

Daily Mail has shared some interesting info about the status of Jill’s possible return. In an exclusive interview, two “unnamed Housewives” are trying to bait Andy into allowing Jill back into the lion’s den. “Look, Jill is a pain in the a** but she knows how to create great TV,” one of the mysterious cast members said. Keep in mind, the names of the ladies in question are not revealed in the Daily Mail article. I’m sure the secretive person’s name does not rhyme with LuZann De Lessets.

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Then the other obscure Housewife chimed in, “We just want Andy to bury the hatchet with Jill forgive her and bring her back.” It is probably safe to say, although certainly unconfirmed, Ramona is not co-signing Jill’s return. The two have been adversaries for years. There was actually a time when it was thought Ramona was behind the push to remove Jill entirely. Still, the call for Jill’s comeback may not go unnoticed by Andy for much longer.

The two ladies on Jill’s side said that it might be Jill’s “prickly side” and show history that makes her a perfect replacement for Bethenny. “We all do like her but when she drives us crazy, the sparks fly and viewers will tune in for the drama,” said LuAnn one of the current cast members.

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So everyone just loooooves Jill but no one bothered to show up to her birthday party? That must have stung. The unknown sources also mused, “[Jill] is also friendly with some of the core cast so she would be included naturally.” Something tells me if Jill comes back, she automatically gets Dorinda Medley’s fish room at the Berkshires.

If you ask LuAnn, her cabaret fans are screaming for Jill’s comeback. At a recent show, LuAnn’s audience members cheered Jill’s name when asked if she should return. Maybe the audience was just shouting, “Jovani!!” and all LuAnn could make out was the letter J. While LuAnn is Team Zarin, Ramona someone else is not. One anti-Jill Housewife said, “I’m with Andy [Cohen]. She had her time here and we are fine as we are right now.” PERIOD.

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In a recent interview, Jill stated she would love to return as a friend for season 12 but “was coy about whether [Bethenny’s] departure left a full-time opening” for her. “All I can say is they’ve started filming and I’m here,” Jill said.


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