‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams Responds to Rumor She Was Seen Twerking on an Officer at Breonna Taylor Protest, Followers Send Love and Support to Reality Star

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams took to Instagram to address the claims that she was twerking on a police officer during a Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville, Kentucky, on Aug. 25.

The reality star denied the Reddit thread claims on Sept. 12 by posting the actual video from the demonstration.

Porsha Williams puts up a Reddit post she was forced to address. @porsha4real/Instagram

She captioned the post, “You all have really lost your mind ! If you can possibly believe I was dancing on a cop before being arrested for peacefully protesting for our beloved Breonna Taylor. I was actually picking up my water and had no idea he was behind me. Whoever took this pic and sent to reddit with this headline you should be ashamed of yourself. Smh SAD… Anyway I guess I shouldn’t have addressed this but I’m human to and this is a cause close to my heart …I will not be discredited with foolishness. I stand for justice and I will continue to demand justice for #BreonnaTaylor#YouCantStopTheRevolution#SayHerName” After she rebutted the accusations fans sent their support to the “RHOA” star.

One fan said, “Don’t let ANYBODY discredit the great work you’re doing. Fighting for change and inspiring us all.”

“I was a fan of you on the show but even a bigger fan of you for how your standing up for our people in times life this. You have no fear and I respect that,” a second fan wrote.

A third commented, “🙄🤦🏽‍♀️💯💯👑Maannn I’m so glad you came with the footage , to shut them tf 🆙

“They trying to destroy your character! Don’t let them,” a fourth fan exclaimed

A fifth fan replied, “Omg smh !!! Why are people so messy, it’s beyond me. Don’t let them bother you Porsha. We all know you are passionate about this. Don’ t feed into their negative energy. # justice for Breonna Taylor 💪🏽.”

The video initially starts with a police officer shaking a protester’s hand before the camera is switched to the side where Williams, who is wearing black leggings and a gold shirt, is bending over to pick up her water bottle. As she begins to bend over to place the water bottle back down the cop appears behind her.

Williams’ motives behind her activism have been questioned plenty of times. Her “RHOA” co-star Kenya Moore hinted that she felt that Williams was clout chasing by protesting. Moore replied a set of wide eyes to a fan’s comment that suggested that the reality star’s involvement in the demonstration was an act.

Porsha Williams replies to comments that suggest she is clouting chasing by being part of the protests in Sept. 12. @peachreportdaily/Instagram

Williams replied, “shame on you. You knew people and blogs would follow this,” replied Porsha. “You should be supporting me as a fellow black woman trying so hard to change this 🌍and instead you’re the least supportive person ever!!! If you’re going to spend time trying to bring awareness to something, try something positive in life…Oops I forgot misery loves company.”

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