Some Rihanna TEA That May Leave You Heartbroken [DETAILS]

Say it isn’t so….

Remember what happened to the great late Whitney Houston’s golden vocal cords because of drug usage?

Rihanna may have suffered the same fate according to a rumor that’s going around.

Have you noticed that Rihanna has been rapping more and singing less?

According to a source,

Many fans want to know why Rihanna has seemingly put music on hold to invest in other business ventures.  Rihanna’s voice has been damaged due to drug use. She is working to rebuild her range, but it is a work in progress. You can actually hear in some of her more recent performances that her voice is very winded, pitchy and she sounds almost out of breath.

Rihanna began her cosmetic and lingerie lines to maintain relevancy while her music career is on hiatus. Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty (lingerie) have done well.

I hope this is just a horrible rumor, because Whitney was never the same.

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