Sunny Hostin Offers New Insight Into Trump’s Ukraine Call, Joy Behar Drops the Hammer On Supporters

Sunny Hostin broke down the latest developments in the Trump whistle-blower scandal on “The View” this week amid reports that yet another official had come forward with details of the president’s “troubling” July call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

On Monday, the legal team representing the first whistleblower, whose complaint is now the crux of an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, 73, announced that it was now representing a second whistleblower.

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar
“The View’s” Sunny Hostin (left) and Joy Behar (right) weighed in on a second whisteblower coming forward with details of President Donald Trump’s July 25 call with the president of Ukraine. (Photo: The View / video screenshot)

Hostin, a former prosecutor, noted the second whistleblower is especially important because they reportedly had first-hand knowledge of the president’s phone call with the Ukranian president, whom Trump allegedly asked to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

“So, that implies that person was on the call,” she said, adding that “the transcript [of the call] that we saw wasn’t really a transcript” at all.

The document was actually a memo, according to Hostin, because the call, as is typical practice for presidential calls, was not recorded on the American side. Throughout the memo, she pointed out there were ellipses in three spots, indicating that key pieces of the conversation were missing.

The first, “‘Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you can look into it…It sounds horrible to me.”

The other remarks included a question about an incident in Ukraine, and references to a “wealthy person” and a “server.”

“That whistleblower heard the ‘dot dot dot,’ and I’d like to hear it, right?!” Hostin opined. “And I think that the committee wants to hear it, and I think America wants to hear it. That’s why the whistleblower is important.”

Co-host Abby Huntsman weighed in on the issue and accused Trump and his supporters of trying to stoke confusion by brushing off the president’s push for China to investigate the Bidens too, as simply a “joke.”

Joy Behar didn’t find anything funny, however, and slammed Trump’s congressional supporters for their unabashed support of the “lying” POTUS.

“It’s very easy to muddy the waters and to obfuscate when you’re shameless and a liar,” she began “And that’s what they are, they’re shameless and they are lying. Just watch [Ohio Republican Rep.] Jim Jordan, watch [Wisconsin Republican Rep.] Ron Johnson — these people are shameless. They’re cowards, they’re sticking behind somebody they know is unpatriotic.”

Behar accused Trump’s lawmaker posse of trying to dupe the American people, saying, “Go ahead, keep lying. Muddy the waters and see how dumb Americans are. That’s what they’re trying to do.”

Watch more in the video below.

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