T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Might Still Get A Reboot – Here’s Why Fans Should Not Lose Hope!

Fans would have definitely loved to see a Family Hustle reboot but unfortunately, T.I. and Tiny Harris previously turned down that offer. However, one insider is now telling HollywoodLife that the husband and wife might still be reconsidering it.

Apparently, the hope that the show will be back is not completely lost.

‘Even though Tiny and T.I. have repeatedly said no, the fans should not give up hope. The show is not necessarily dead for good because their kids, or at least some of them, have a lot of interest in appearing on the show once again,’ the source explained to the outlet.

So all fans need at this point is the young ones persuading their parents? It seems so.

The insider went on to claim that ‘[The kids] have aspirations to be in the entertainment industry one day and a lot of talent, so doing the show again would really be a big help for them, you know, just to get into the spotlight again and the attention back on them. If the kids keep up the pressure, their parents, T.I. and Tiny may just give in and finally  agree to do the show for another season.’

And that is great for the show’s chances to have a proper comeback because T.I. and Tiny ‘love to make their kids happy.’

That being said, ‘the future of the show really depends on how hard the kids push them. If they push hard enough, it might as well still happen.’

Let’s hope Tiny and T.I. change their minds and bring back The Family Hustle! Would you tune in if it was back on the air?

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