Teairra Mari New Bae Has A Wife

According to the Jasmine Brand Teairra Mari’s new man, Akbar Abdul, has a whole wife. Yes I am talking about the new man who “allegedly” leaked the tape of Teairra sucking his cock all over the internet (Refer to previous Teairra Posts).

His wife’s name is Sade and she is not staying quiet about the things going on between her, Teairra, and her husband. She claims Teairra was supposed to be doing business with Akbar and fell in love, she then tried to get him to commit to her, and claimed he cheated in her and leaked their sex tape. Well here is a quote from Mrs. Sade…

“Well I think Teairra is one delusional individual. She knew about me but didn’t care. She wanted Akbar to leave me and be with only her. She spoof app’d me calling my phone as if she was Akbar. She also called me from 10 different numbers and I still to this day don’t know how she even got my number! She stalks my IG page and has created several fake pages to leave nasty comments under my pictures.

Akbar initially wanted to do business with Teairra, but she fell for him and wanted a relationship.

Akbar helped produce and write her new singles, “Bae-Cation” and “F*cked Up” that are currently on ITunes. He purchased wardrobe for her, let her use one of his cars being that she doesn’t have one. He also went as far as helping her pay her rent. And because of his generosity we are in the situation we are in now!

Akbar did not release that tape. Teairra has a lot of friends who have access to her personal information! Hints why Milan [Milan Christopher] had a picture posted on her page! I’m not saying he released it, but no one knows who did it. She is an alcoholic. The day she smashed out the windows to our cars she was drunk!

I really don’t want to go into full details on our relationship. But I am curious as to why Teairra claims Akbar cheated on her when he is married? How do you cheat on someone when you knew this man was married?.”

Well I Definitely have opinions on the shenanigans. First and foremost let me say … Let this be a lesson to all those women who think with their heart’s and not with their heads. Sometimes walking away from someone is the best blessings you could ever receive.

Clearly Mona Scott enjoys casting people who are not known for making sound judgements and we all enjoy watching them but at one point it gets sad. Like, where are these peoples families and how many times can you regurgitate the same ol drama and not learn a damn thing.

Anyways to get more of my opinion watch this raw video AND PLEASE subscribe to my Youtube! I get to the point at about 1:00 in… enjoy!

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