The Real Reason Why Tiny Harris Thinks T.I. Will Never Leave Her For Asia’h Epperson — New Video Tells The Story

Tiny Harris has taken to Instagram where she dropped her sexiest video yet, and she is rocking a new bleach blonde hair.

It seems that Tiny was sending a message to T.I.’s new side piece, Asia’h Epperson, using a very vulgar song to let her know that she is the queen of the south and her pu$$y is the best.

Tiny had the song “Period (We Live)” by City Girls playing, and she was vibing to the following lyrics:

“I’m the baddest, yeah I said it hoe
Say that again! Bitch you already know
Pimping, been boosting, been getting out of stores
I been the rawest bitch, checks my resume hoe
Pretty ass face and my pu$$y on Fiji
Queen of the south can’t nan hoe see me.”

Tiny also used the caption to put T.I. and Asia’h on blast.

She wrote: “Up early on Bull💩 Feeling Real Sweet🤑 & yes this is my song @citygirls thx to @kingk_glamshop every time I see her she get me right! 1time for @walamajik on the color 👑🖤🗝 dang how could I forget”

One fan told Tiny: “What did you say put some respect on your name. Now is time for you to put some respect on your name and your game. She’s pretty, and she held it down. Team Tiny forever!!!! Yes tiny we love you keep grinding and working hard you deserve it.”

Another commenter stated: “He might love her, but he doesn’t respect. I loved tiny since the 90s, but she needs to toughen up. It’s So obvious @majorgirl everytime your husband starts cheating you start making sexy videos lol come on stop it makes you look so insecure. Just leave him.”

This supporter called Tiny a queen and added: “She’s yo queeeeeeeeen to be A Queen to be forever!!!!
A Queen who’ll do whatever
His Highness desires
She’s your Queen to be
A vision of perfection
An object of affection
To quench your royal fire!!!!
Completely free from infection
To be used at your discretion
Waiting only for your direction
Your Queen to beeeeee!!!!!!!!”

Despite the fact that T.I. was caught on camera slapping Asia’h’s booty, Tiny will not leave her man.

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