‘We Love Y’all!’: Keyshia Cole’s Sister Throws Fans for a Loop With This Throwback Video

Keyshia Cole‘s sister, Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh, shared an old video of her and her sister that reminded fans of how much they missed seeing the pair’s relationship on camera.

Cole has a complicated relationship with her family due to their public disputes over the years. It’s unknown if Cole and Pugh are on good terms, but Pugh continues to support her sister despite their past differences. She took to Instagram on Thursday, Oct. 3, and posted a throwback video of their infamous reality TV show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” from 2006.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole. @therealneffeteria/Instagram

The clip showed Pugh and her sister’s then-tightknit bond. In her confessional on the show, Pugh praised her sister at the time, saying, “When I’m around my sister, I always feel like a star. She makes me feel that way because she don’t leave me out. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Pugh’s throwback post reminded fans of how much they missed the show and Cole’s dynamic with her family.

“This show will never get old to me, and yall definitely came a very long way. ❤️❤️ I love your entire family.”

“This was such an awesome moment between u 2 the love is so beautiful❤️ TRUE SISTERHOOD IS PRICELESS ♥️👑💯”

“Miss Frankie was made for tv I miss all of y’all 😘. Yes we love y’all for life!”

Keyshia Cole
Neffeteria Pugh (left) and Keyshia Cole (right). (Photos: @therealneffeteria/Instagram, @keyshiacole/Instagram)

In July, Cole announced that she will be returning back to reality television along with her boyfriend and aspiring rapper Niko Hale. The “Love” singer will be giving her fans and viewers a glimpse of her second-time motherhood journey to their newborn son. She wrote via Instagram on July 22, “Had an awesome FIRST WEEK OF FILMING. KEYSHIA COLE IS COMING BACK TO BET!!!!! But this time she’s bringing Something SPECIAL! A BABY SPECIAL.”

The premiere date of the show has yet to be revealed. It will, however, feature her adoptive mother Yvonne Cole and her biological mother Francine “Frankie” Lons. It’s unclear if Pugh will appear on the show.

March of 2018, Pugh issued a publicly apology to Cole for all of the “hurt” she apparently caused her. Cole responded, ” Neffe I did receive your PUBLIC apology, and I understand why you went PUBLIC with it. … I want you to kno, that I do love u back! ALWAYS WILL. And naw we haven’t been close, and that’s been going on for some time now, but I’ve BEEN forgiven you. I’ve forgiven mom and everyone I’ve felt, has failed me in my personal relationships❤🙏🏽”

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